St Clair Cottage - Self Catering Accommodation in Westray

This is an interim web page for St Clair Cottage Cottage, Pierowall. as the cottage is now ready and people are asking to stay. We will work on the final touches of the bath house with the sea water hot tub, between bookings and as the weather makes it possible.

We have the restored the cottage based on "What would Emma like?"

Emma was a teacher who had her final years in Kalisgarth Care Centre (the Westray Care Home) Her memory was alternative and she became a very good friend. She knew firmly what she liked.

People seem to like how the cottage has turned out, so we think Emma would approve.

Facilities -

"It occurred to me that you have managed to do something very clever - to make the place accessible, for folk who need it to be, but not to make it feel at all clinical, so a couple, or even two couples, with no access issues could feel as comfy as they would in any good self-catering cottage. Which of course is good for the general message - making life better for disabled folk does not mean taking anything away from able-bodied folk - we are, after all, the same but different!"